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21 Mar

Routes and Paths

Thanks to the privileged location of Conil, you can enthral along never-ending kilometres of beach. If you are lucky and the tide is low, you can reach the Puntalejos cove and, in the opposite direction, the Trafalgar Lighthouse, which is actually outside the territory of Conil, or, more precisely, on the river that borders El Palmar and Conil. Alternatively, you can also walk other parallel trails, without losing sight of the incredible panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean that bathes our coasts. 

Perhaps one of the most impressive walks that you can take in the area is the path that during most of its journey passes through the Cliffs until it reaches the Fishing Port. Those of us who are from here have travelled them since we were children as it was our most practical way to go spend the day with our friends in the beach at Cala del Aceite.

To enjoy them to their fullest you can experience them on foot, or by bicycle, or even jogging if that is your sport of choice. 

You may perhaps end your trip in the fishing port, where you will also enjoy beautiful views where you can have an aperitif or a full meal to regain your strength for the return.

In Conil there are no excuses for not having a healthy lifestyle or not enjoying nature as its luxurious enclave makes it very easy for you.