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21 Mar

Enjoy Conil your own way

To enjoy Conil in your own way, we give you a range of possibilities to choose from, this is our selection:

We like walking through the streets of Conil, with its white walls painted with lime, getting lost in those alleys that lead to places that sometimes can very pleasantly surprise you.

There are patios full of flowers, there are narrow streets with the sea in the background, there are rooftop terraces from which you can enjoy the views of the town with the Santa Catalina Church, the Parish and the Atlantic ocean always on the background.

We like talking with the locals, who are welcoming and will often share with us the history of the town or their own experiences. They may simply greet you as you pass, or even offer to be your ephemeral guide.

We love its gastronomy, grown locally, the fish that live along its coasts, or the countryside bread, to innovative and organic products such as La Moringa. We also recommend that you try our wines, oils, and of course, the exquisite Retinto meat.

We love visiting bars, taverns, restaurants, breweries, wineries, … and tasting the good Conileña cuisine: from fried or oven-cooked fish to grilled or scrambled vegetables, grilled meats and of course traditional and innovative tapas. Tradition and creativity are not lacking in our town’s kitchens.

We adore walking the paths to the fishing port, to El Palmar, along the beach, or through the Colorado pine forests, … seeing Conil from afar and the white shape that it draws on the coast, framed by immense beaches of fine white sand and orange cliffs.

We are passionate about learning the history of Conil, visiting the Torre de Guzmán el Bueno, the Church and the Parish, the Watch Tower of Castilnovo and La Chanca. Discovering its millenary tradition between the countryside and the sea, the knowledge and historical wealth that the Almadraba passed on to us.

And so we are passionate for you to see our town, enjoying the little things, off the beaten track, and the most authentic; Conil has a lot to offer you, we hope you enjoy it