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21 Mar

Vejer, charm on the top of the Hill

You might have already heard about Vejer and does not need an introduction, but did you know that it has been declared a historical and artistic point of interest and one of the most beautiful towns in Spain?
Vejer stands a top a 200-metre-tall mountain, a fortified old town, full of alleys and Nasrid patios where the Arab legacy is still alive, making it a true fairy tale town.Besides its Arab legacy, 

Vejer is home to even more history and heritage with its Jewish quarter, full of local arts and crafts shops and art galleries, the 10thcentury Vejer Castle and its Medieval Wall. 

One of the most characteristic and emblematic images of Vejer are its Windmills, which were originally water mills. As the weather conditions in the area did not allow it, they had to change their shape, developing a more robust body, similar to the windmills of La Mancha, which allowed them to function properly. 

They are still preserved, providing beautiful imagery for your eyes.You may then finish by visiting El Palmar, about 8 km away, if you still feel like going to the beach, it is one of the 7 most beautiful beaches in Cádiz.

The magic of Vejer lies in every corner and its entirety, so our best recommendation would be to walk through its streets and steep slopes, to get lost in its alleys, to experience its gastronomy and most of all, to not to be in a hurry when it comes to enjoying the views, the details and its beauty.